Welcome to Kemery Kreates!


Kemery Kreates connects cultures through communication.


After learning Japanese for the past nine years of my 10-year old life, I've made it my mission to teach 500 children to speak Japanese by the end of 2020! Here's the fun part: My online classes, Japanese Backpack, are for children and are taught by children!


This year, I became a published author with 25 other young moguls. Our book, The Science Behind It: Formulating Success at Any Age is giving me a platform to reach more people through people through public speaking. I am excited for the opportunity to inspire other children to follow their passion and to be agents of change in their communities. I want adults and children to hear how I turned my love for language into a business. 


Though my age is small, my dreams are big! I was an eight-year-old who not only dreamed of starting my own business, I'm making it happen!