When Kemery was two-years old, she watched the Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog.  For the next few years and intermittently throughout the following years, she spoke often about wanting to own a restaurant.  A couple years ago, Kemery came up with the name Kemery Kreates and told us that would be the name of her company.  She has talked about different things she could make to sell to make money for our church, for her school, and to save.  Kemery definitely has a heart for giving. 


On Sunday, January 15, 2017 Kemery woke up to her alarm clock which we forgot to not set.  Her mom told her she had more time to sleep and she should get some more rest since it was very early.  Kemery responded, "No, thank you.  I'm going to work from home today.  I want to work on my business plan, my logo, and my business cards.  I want to earn enough money to go to Japan.  I want to hire my friends so they can go to Japan too."  She talked with her parents that day and got right to work.  Kemery Kreates was born!

Why Japan?

Kemery began learning Japanese when she was 13 months old.  Fast forward to age nine and we have a little girl who can read, write, and speak Japanese fluently!  She has also made many friends along the way, some of whom she has been friends with since the very beginning of this language immersion journey. 
Kemery's teachers have been truly amazing, in all subject areas, throughout the years.  Her Japanese instructors have been top notch.  Asuka Sensei, Jumi Sensei, Midori Sensei, Kimi Sensei, and Mayu Sensei have shared a wealth of knowledge with Kemery and her friends.  This year they hope to put theory to practice!