Posh for a Purpose

October 2017

Although Kemery is only nine-years old, she has already participated in five Susan G. Komen Races for the Cure.  As we have participated in each race, we become aware of more ladies who are warriors, angels, and survivors, including Kemery's Grandma.

Kemery Kreates chose Posh for a Purpose for the first organization to donate 5% of the month's online revenue. “Posh for a Purpose” (PAP) is a creative organization, designed to produce moments of stylish and artistic ambience, for the purpose of raising money for various causes that effect our society. It prides itself in the ability to promote change through creativity and education." <~~~Excerpt from the Posh for a Purpose website

If you would like to learn more, volunteer, or donate to Posh for a Purpose directly, click below.