Kemery Kreates Makes Headlines

June 26, 2018

Kemery Kreates was honored to have June 26, 2018 proclaimed Kemery Kreates' Appreciation Day by the City of South Fulton. Thank you, Councilwoman Naeema Gilyard, Mayor William Edwards, and the Council of the city for this amazing honor! 

Interview with Porsche Foxx from Mix 87.7!

June 14, 2018

This past weekend Kemery went to a launch party for a fellow kidpreneur, Destiny of Destiny Adams International. She is a self-taught coder who is teaching others to code. It was phenomenal! During one portion, Destiny was interviewed by Ms. Porsche Foxx from Mix Atlanta 87.7. Destiny handled that interview so well!

At the end of the program, I met several people. They were all encouraging, offering words of motivation and praise. One of the people I met was Ms. Porsche Foxx. She was so pleased with Destiny and her launch event as well with Kemery and her entrepreneurship journey. She said she was going to follow-up with us. Fast forward to 6/13/18 and we received a phone call from Ms. Porsche Foxx! She wanted to interview Kemery on the radio tomorrow 6/14/18! Of course, we said, "yes!" 

Who knew Kemery's first radio show would come from supporting another kidpreneur? Mrs. Tamla from the TOFI International pitch contest said it nicely, "collaboration without competition." We accomplish more when we work together.

The launch was held at the Apex Museum in Atlanta. The museum is very informative. We will be back to fully explore the museum. Mr. Moore and Ms. Janice from the museum were wonderful. 

June 08, 2018

Kemery Kreates will be a vendor for the first Forest Children's Fair. It will be in conjunction with the Pinewood MarketFest. That means there will be something for children and adults! Come join us!

Kemery Kreates will be revealing BIG news on 6/15/18. Great thing about that is whoever are interested in that BIG news will be given a nice deal at the market on Saturday! 

Want to be entered into a drawing? Show the medallion that will posted on my site. It has my booth number on it. Show it at the front when you enter and then again at my booth to be entered in the drawing. That's easy! Make a purchase of the BIG surprise deal and get an extra entry into the drawing. 

June 03, 2018

We were planning on being vendor's at The Ultimate Women's Expo. Given the investment, we decided to go check it out this year to see if this is a good fit for Kemery Kreates next year. The expo was a lot of fun. Mommy-daughter is always big fun. 

Today was really cool because we observed how many companies market. We saw demonstrations. We saw companies giving discounts. Some company representatives were assertive while others played on their cell phones and never looked up as we walked by. We took note of what strategies worked for us and which ones we easily passed up. We can incorporate some of the more successful strategies when our vendors and see how they work for us. 

There was two really cool parts of the expo. I met two people. One of them was a man. His business is Nappy Styles hair products. Many of the products are marketed toward men but they are great for the whole family. Yes, we bought some. Mom likes it in my hair, my brother's hair, and her hair. Dad hasn't tried it on his beard yet. 

We also met Ms. Cynthia Bailey. She was onstage talking about how the gentleman who does her website got that position by taking initiative and being dedicated. My Mom and Dad always encourage me to let my light shine and not miss opportunities because of fear. They are teaching me to own, what they call, my CEO! When Ms. Bailey was finished talking and was headed back to her booth, I went right up to her with my business card in my hand. I introduced myself and my clothing line, Kira by Kemery Kreates. 

Guess what happened? She took my card and she listened. She was kind and made me happy that I chose to let my light shine. Whatever comes from our conversation, Ms. Bailey helped me move forward in my business by letting me practice...building my confidence instead of tearing it down. Thank you, Ms. Bailey! Have your people call my people. We can do lunch. :-)

May 17, 2018

Do you remember Ms. Sahar? I met her at the HEY! Let's Read Atlanta event a week or two ago. Well, she's amazing! She was able to arrange a tour of Pinewood Studios for my Mom and I! We were able to check out the set of OWNTv's Love is which is scheduled to premier on my birthday! We met the costume designer for the show, Ms. Provi. Really, we met EVERYONE from transportation to accounting to caterers to the main characters! As a fashion designer on the rise, Ms. Sahar thought it would be great to meet Ms. Provi. I got a first hand account of what happens behind the scenes in regards to costume design. Today was magical! Thank you, Ms. Sahar!

May 13, 2018

I had a great time at this event! I even got to read my Mom's book, Yum Yum! New Tastes are Fun! to everyone at the event!

The bigger news is that I connected with a friendpreneur. The bigger news is that I met a woman who is an author. We bought her book and she autographed it for me. The woman's name is Ms. Sahar and she really wants to help me achieve me goals. She said she works at movie studio and she is going to connect with the costume designer! Woa!!! This is HUGE!!!

April 11, 2018

Kemery is joining forces with 22 other kidpreneurs and dream catchers to deliver the most dynamic book to hit the shelves in 2018. Stay tuned for more details.

April 07, 2018

I wasn't vending this time. My Dad took my brother and I to the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. 50 Forward Event. We had lots of fun. There was food and music. I even met Taylor Richardson who is an aspiring astronaut. She is a major change agent in the kidpreneur world and in her community overall. I also met Storm Reid from Disney's, A Wrinkle in Time. Both of the young ladies were very sweet to me. Maybe one day they will let me style an outfit for them when they walk the red carpet to receive some fancy award!

March 28, 2019

Each year, Spelman College hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival. It is free to the public and it is loads of fun! I get an opportunity to meet up with my friends from my old school. We spend the day hanging out with college students. They always make us feel very welcome there. It is always a fun learning experience!

Check out this video from the Cherry Blossom Festival. I'll teach you how to say, "My name is" in Japanese!

March 18, 2018

Kemery Kreates was a vendor at the NextGo Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. This expo was all about kidpreneurs. I love kidpreneur events because it is nice to connect with other children with similar interests and goals. We have lots of fun. We are learning that we have to have a budget when we attend this events or we may be tempted to spend all the money we make on supporting other children. Even the MC was a kidpreneur! Very cool!

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