Size and Color Assistance

We took some pictures of our current inventory to assist you should there be any questions about size or color.  Generally speaking, Kemery wears the small size bracelet.  Her Daddy and I wear the large size bracelets.  There is a pink, which is a bright pink, and a peach color listed.  The peach looks more like coral or another shade of pink, a deeper shade.  The black looks like it could pass for a very dark brown or black.  All of the colors are fun and beautiful.  As Kemery's business grows, we will look for another red, a green, a purple, and other colors.  We will also consider other sizes (for an adult with a larger wrist and younger children).

4 sizes KK
1. 6.5"
2. 7.5"
3. 8.5"
4. 9.5"

Kemery's parents both wear the size 8.5" which fits a little loosely. Kemery wears both the 6.5" and the 7.5." The 6.5" fits close and the 7.5" fits loose with some room. Some adults with smaller wrists have been preferring the 7.5" bracelets.
13 colors KK
*Exact colors may vary slightly due to computer differences as well as leather supplied from our vendor.
Black Leather
Looks like really dark brown or black but is listed as black from our distributor.
Size Comparison
Notice the difference between the large and the small.
Red Color Comparison
The red (bright) on the left is the large and the red (more burgundy) on the right is the small. The large red is not engraving well so it will not be sold at this time. (We will always be honest with you.) We will look into getting another type of leather to be able to sell the large in red in the future.
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